So your first date has been scheduled, and you are probably all head-over-your-heels! This is the time when you’ll have to make several decisions. One of them is obviously what to eat and drink on THE DAY. While you might think that you must just head to one of the local bars in Edmonton, we’d suggest you think several times. Think of what you’ll eat, and more specifically, what you’ll drink.

You might have heard people suggesting why drinking on the first date is a big NO-NO. But that isn’t really true. After all, alcohol is called “liquid courage” for several reasons. So now considering the best two options – wine and beer. What should you actually have? Let’s look at the goods and downsides of both.

What’s Your Comfort Zone?

The first thing you must consider before choosing what your drink will be on that day is your comfort zone. Think about what will help you keep your calm and put off your date. You surely don’t want to drink something that will make you make weird faces with every sip. Also, drink something that will keep you in your limits. You shouldn’t drink and get out of your control. Getting too tipsy or drunk will probably prevent you from being yourself.

What’s Your Taste?

If you like the taste of beer, go for it. If not, aim for wine only. No matter which beer you choose at the bars in Edmonton, they will always have that pungent taste that you may not be able to handle.

Classy or Cool?

What you must drink on your first date also depends on the kind of impression you want to give to your partner. While there’s no one thing that a type of drink will help you do, beer and wine do have some meaning to them. Wine is often considered as a classy drink that keeps things sophisticated. On the other hand, beer helps you look easy-going and cool. Beer is often associated with casualty and basic mood. So depending on your personality and the vibe you wish to create, select your drink for the first date.

If you ask us, we won’t push any particular drink. But irrespective of what you drink, keep one thing in mind – don’t overdo anything! Too much of either of these drinks will get you tipsy and drunk. And you surely don’t want the drink to ruin your first date or be the reason why you don’t remember a thing about the special outing. So, head to MonaLisa Pub, one of the oldest bars in Edmonton and make the most of your first date. We have beers, wine and all the other types of soft drinks that will help you make your date a memorable one.