Looking for an amazing bar that you can make your usual sport? With so many bars in Edmonton, it can get difficult to select the best one. But if you identify your requirements and expectations, and consider the following things, you will be able to find the best spot.

1) Spread of Liquor

What’s the reason to hit a bar? To drink, of course! So, the first thing you must look before choosing your favourite bar in Edmonton is the spread of liquor they serve. You may not always visit with a person who prefers the same drink as you do. Your significant other, friend, colleague, or sibling may like something else. And if a bar only serves beer, a whiskey-drinker wouldn’t prefer visiting there. Therefore, look for a place that serves some of the most common types of liquor and brands.

2) Nibble and Food Options

The bar isn’t only meant for refreshing pints and bottles. Having a complete fun-filled experience is also about the nibbles and large plates. So, before you visit a bar, don’t forget to check its menu online to see the kind of food they serve. Do they have enough bar food and main course options? Do they serve dishes as per your specific diet patterns, such as vegan and keto-friendly food? Proceed to a bar only if the food menu makes you drool just by reading it.

3) Look and Feel

A lot of people prefer having a great setting along with amazing food and beverages. If you are one of them, then look at the pictures online. Check out the Instagram account and Facebook page of the bar to see how the bar actually looks. Don’t miss out on Google Photos. If you think that the seating arrangement is comfortable and you like the ambience, head to the bar.

4) Various Fun Options

If you wish to have a lovely experience at a bar, then you must look for other interesting and fun options they have. A lot of bars in Edmonton organize fun activities and feature other leisure and creative activities to add spice to the bar experience. If you, too, are looking for something interesting, look for a place that has the options you’d like. If you visit us, you can make the most of karaoke four times a week. Plus, we have the sport-of-the-day telecast on the big screen that you can enjoy with your drink and food.

5) Cost of Food and Drinks

Apart from all these things, you also need to find a place that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket when you step out of place. Consider the cost factor too. Look at the rates of food and beverages before you visit the place. Try to find out more about special rates like discounts and happy hours. Make the spot your usual hangout place if it suits your budget.

MonaLisa Pub can be your usual hangout place where you can have a pint of chilled beer and lip-smacking burgers and poutine. We are a 30+-year-old bar in Edmonton and have all the best security and safety measures that will let you have a good time without worrying about anything.