Pubs are great; pubs are happening. But if you are still looking for reasons to visit a pub near you, we will give you some serious reasons to do so.

1) Double the Fun

Whether it’s after a hectic day at work or a weekend that you’ve been long waiting for, any day at a pub is a fun-day. The biggest reason to hit a pub is to not look for any reason! When you know a place welcomes you with open doors and is ready to serve you delicious food, a refreshing pint or glass, and features some amazing games, you shouldn’t think twice. We all deserve some fun in life – make that your reason and head to a pub at your earliest.

2) Make Celebrations Memorable

Celebrations HAVE to be celebrated at a pub. Whether it’s your birthday, anniversary, bachelor’s party, want to celebrate an achievement or practically any reason to celebrate, it should all be at a pub. Why? Because there’s lots of good food, drinks, games, sport relays, and a lot more to double the awesomeness of your celebrations. We will help you make amazing memories and make your celebrations worthwhile. 

3) Eat and Dance Freely

If there’s one place other than weddings where you can relish delicious food and dance at the same time, it’s a decent pub. If you talk about MonaLisa Pub, we serve amazing delicacies like poutines, burgers, smokies, and sandwiches that you can enjoy with your glass of drink as well as while dancing. And it goes without saying that we have an amazing collection of music to get you moving within a few minutes.

4) Feel Like a Family

Pubs generally have a very homely environment even if they are loud and happening. And if you visit one of the old pubs in Edmonton, like MonaLisa Pub, you will feel the warmth that we are talking about. We have been serving people from all walks of life for more than 30 years now. A pub is a home away from home where you can enjoy refreshing drinks, good food and even better company.

5) Meet Like-minds

People from all walks of life enjoy going to the pub. Whether you are a homemaker, an athlete, a CEO, or a student, you can come together with other people in the pub and just have a thoroughly good time. When you visit pubs in Edmonton, you are just a person looking to have some fun, and everybody else around you is the same. In other words, heading to a pub is one of the best ways to meet and chill with like-minded folks.

Now that you know how awesome pubs can be, you must head to a pub whenever you wish to make the most of your joyous moments. And we’d suggest you give MonaLisa Pub a try because there’s so much to do here. We bet you will become our regular visitor-cum-friend whenever you are in the neighbourhood.